4 ways to improve your mental health

published4 months ago
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Hi there, journalers!

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, we’ve decided to gather some suggestions from our team members on how they manage/improve their mental health on harder days.

Our favorite trick is obviously journaling (here are a bunch of arguments in favor of it), but we wanted to give you a bit more than that this time. So keep on reading!

Do you have any other cool mental health recommendations? Respond to this email or send us a DM on Instagram - we’d love to hear them!

The JoClub Team

This month's favorites:

Write a letter to your future self: you’ve probably heard about this many times, but did you ever try it? These letters are my favorite way to capture a moment and send a message to my future self. I write about how I feel and how my life looks right now. On the envelope I always leave a date and add an event to my calendar, to not forget about this letter. Annie, JoClub Team

Prompts to help you process: Journaling is like giving your consciousness some space to breathe. By putting your thoughts on paper you allow your mind to release, and not be attached to those ideas anymore. You can look at the bigger picture from a more holistic view. And this is the essence of introspection, the journey we’ll be on together for 21 days in our self-awareness journaling challenge. Learn more here. JoClub Team

Self-love fest: create a ‘praise folder’ on your phone and whenever you get good feedback on anything, whether it’s career or content related, or your friends say something nice, or you see something cute, add a screenshot of it there. Then you have something to look through on hard days! Lea, JoClub facilitator

Soothing routines: not sure how I came to this conclusion, but I realized hat cleaning my whole space on Sunday evenings, putting in clean bedsheets, then taking a shower (hair wash mandatory!), and laying down in fresh pajamas entirely changes my mood for the week. Sometimes I add a face mask for extra pampering! Eva, JoClub Team

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