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4 ways to live your most authentic self

Published 11 months ago • 1 min read

Hi there, JoClubber!

This month we’re all about authenticity and self love. We want you to live your truest self, it’s best version, and celebrate yourself as much as you deserve!

Our team rounded up a list of diverse recommendations to help you unlock your most vibrant and zesty self. We would love to hear yours too, so please respond to this email or DM us on Instagram!

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See you soon?
Jo Franco & the JoClub Team

This month's favorites:

To get organized: I totally recommend using ChatGPT to create routines and plans for yourself: this can be a brilliant way to create a systemized personal plan for yourself. Plus, I watched As Good As It Gets this week and it was a beautiful reminder of what it means to live a life honoring yourself but also crossing over on what it means to give love in a way only you can. Taleen, JoClub Facilitator & Community Manager

To remember this Summer: I’ve been vlogging again and picked up a new camera that’s covered all the basis from zoom, to great audio quality, and a slight fish eye lens that makes it perfect for high quality vlogging! Get it here. I also did the most absurd thing and went shopping INSIDE the plane, and bought this small but mighty ring light and this collapsible backpack that are both game changers when it comes to my gear. Oh, and I got this hydrating tinted lip balm from Duty Free to keep these big ol’ lips moisturized in flight. Kisses from 30,000 feet. Jo Franco, JoClub Founder

To learn more about yourself: we finally made our 21 day Self-Awareness journaling challenge evergreen, so now you can start and finish any time. And no worries, you still get access to the group with all challengers to share your perspectives and stay connected. There’s really no better way to foster self-love than to learn as much as we can about ourselves. JoClub Team

To take up the space you deserve: the book “Set Boundaries, Find Peace” is great for anyone who wants to know how to set boundaries, understand why boundaries are important for your mental health and the health of any relationship. Remi, JoClub Facilitator

Playlist of the Month

Check out this playlist we created to inspire you to be your most authentic self. Play and enjoy 💃🕺

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Journaling with JoClub and Jo Franco

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