5 Prompts to check in with your mental health

published5 months ago
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In case you’re hanging onto your last drip of patience, we gotchu, this month is all about getting our mindset back on track! Happy Mental Health Awareness month - where every day should be spent being kinder to the real MVP: your mental state.

They say your body is a temple, but that saying leaves out the command center of the entire operation - your mind. Without your brain you’d have no use for your body, so why do our thoughts often take a back seat in the priorities list?

Not no’ mo’.

Seasons are changing outside which points to the obvious: they’re changing within too. We’ll send you four newsletters this month for a much needed mentality refresh. You’ll get prompts, a playlist, and recommendations to keep your wellness in tip top shape.

Oh, and exciting news: we’re launching our 21 Day Money Mindset challenge this month! We’ll be unpacking our money baggage and manifesting our rich lives as a global group. It’ll be grand.

  1. How comfortable are you talking about your mental health?
  2. What's the first thing you do when you're in a negative state of mind or when you feel overwhelmed?
  3. Are you surrounded by willing listeners, or do you keep quiet in fear of being a burden?
  4. What habits do you have that improve mental health?
  5. What habits do you have that aren't beneficial to your mental health?

There are only three things in life that affect us all regardless of our country, language, race, religion, or anything else that divides the human species: health, relationships, and money.

Most of our decisions around money are emotional; no amount of nitty-gritty knowledge about interest rates will change that.

Our upcoming 21 day Mindful Money challenge is for you to understand how your emotions are driving financial decisions.

Learn how to:
💰 unpack your money baggage
💰 write your wealthy world into reality
💰 cultivate a wealthy mindset
💰 get your emotions to work in favor of your financial decisions
💰 be kinder to your financial self

We’ll ask you questions to help you become aware of where your money is going in comparison to where you want it to go. And since money is such a tough topic, we’ll guide you in the practice of financial self-compassion.

🐥 This challenge will have an early bird offer of $59 during the first two days of the sale, so make sure you don’t miss it!

What does this challenge include?
✨ Daily prompt videos to get you thinking about the role money plays in your life
✨ A prompt pack for you to get back to reflecting at any time
✨ A curated playlist to inspire deep introspection
✨ Access to an exclusive group that connects money-focused challenges from around the world
✨ 3 live journaling sessions for free to give you a taste of JoClub goodness

Sales open on Monday. Sign up to the waitlist so you get notified when it’s available. We can’t wait to build a rich mindset together!

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