5 tools to level up your language learning 🆙

published3 months ago
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Hi there, journalers

We’re entering the glorious season of #HotLanguageSummer with the coolest news yet: our 21 day Language Learning challenge is coming in July!

Whether you’re a serial language learning or a beginner polyglot, we would love to have you join us for 21 days of challenging missions, expert tips, and growth-focused community. Join the waitlist here so you’re the first to know when it drops, on Juy 10th.

In honour of the season of language learning, today I’m sharing my 5 favorite tips on making the goal of being a polyglot a bit more attainable.

Jo Franco & The JoClub Team

Tip of the month:

5 tools that level up my language learning

It’s #HotLanguageSummer which means we need to be staying on top of our bodies and our brains. I always do both by working out and listening to my Pimsleur lesson of the day. This is great for auditory learners who love multitasking, my favorite combos: learning while running on my squeaky treadmill, learning while doing the dishes, and learning while painting my nails. Try Pimsleur for 7 days free here

HelloTalk is one of my favorite messaging apps for language learning, you meet people around the world who are more than willing to help you level up your target language. Download HelloTalk here.

iTalki is how I met my favorite language teacher, Ahmed, who turned into a good friend despite us never having met in person. These classes are affordable, flexible, and you can bond with someone you wouldn’t have met otherwise while learning. Find your tutor here

Glossika is a solid option if you want to learn how to type without looking. Flashback to last summer when I started speed typing in Greek because of their app. Try Glossika here

Lingoda Sprint is one of the best ways to learn a language if your resources are slim but you want to put in the time and work because you can get up to 100% off your money if you complete the two month challenge. Not only will you leave speaking either French, Spanish, German, or English, but you’ll do it for $0 if you cross the finish line. Try the Lingoda Sprint here.

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