The Self-Awareness Challenge is Back! 🎉

published3 months ago
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Hi there, journaler!

Do you remember our first challenge, the 21 day Self Awareness journaling challenge? We’ve been getting some messages about people who missed it, so we decided to tweak it a bit and make it evergreen. Yes, that means you can join now or at any time!

However, it’s also getting a slight price update to align with the changes - but only on Monday! We’re giving you the whole weekend to grab your 21 day Self-Awareness challenge at the current price, with lifetime access 🤩

Journaling for 21 days (and further) will help you:

📓 Change your relationship with yourself
📓 Improve your mental health
📓 Reach some surprising revelations about the person you are and want to be
📓 Get to conclusions you wouldn’t have reached otherwise
📓 Connect to a global community of people dedicated to self-development

For under $3 a day you’ll unlock things in yourself you never even knew were there.

This is what previous challengers have to say:

“Thank you Jo for inspiring my creativity and helping me rediscover my passion for journaling. I had fallen into a rut and had been lacking motivation. The 21-day self-awareness challenge empowered me to get in touch with my inner voice and reminded me that the trials and celebrations of my past can aid my growth.” Gina

"When the 21 day Self Awareness Challenge started I didn't think I could do it but since I started it I feel like I found the missing piece of me again that really enjoyed daily journaling.” Ramla

We would really love to be side by side with you through this journey of growth and transformation. Can we sign you up?

Price will increase in:

Count down to 2023-06-12T03:59:00.000Z

The JoClub Team

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